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Once your trucks are compliant with the federal ELD mandate, you can upgrade to a Datasmart ELD full fleet tracking solution without purchasing any additional hardware for your vehicles.

FMCSA only requires a log notation at State and Federal border crossings and gives a distance and direction to the nearest city of 5,000 or more population. However, you may require more information for your fleet management. Datasmart Fleet will allow you to pinpoint truck location, direction and speed and you can create notifications or geofences.

Easy Access to Information
Same menu when viewed as a dashboard browser on a mobile device. Geofences can be used as restricted areas, arrivals and departures at a jobsite or delivery address. Send notifications via email or text. Review maintenance, note engine-on events, record top speed, and idle time. Maximize productivity of your fleet.

Fleet Overview
Vehicles can be color coded and bookmarks can be created for easy searching. Map layers can be changed to enhance visibility and de-clutter the screen. The Search list allows you to search by tags and categories such as weight class or vehicle make and model.

Asset Details
Track your vehicles with breadcrumbs trails. Create heatmaps to see patterns over longer periods. Track and graph OBD engine performance parameters, see DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) in real time.

Generate Reports, filter by date, driver and vehicle

Geofences and Places
Create Circular or Polygon Geofences, or import SHP files (the worldwide standard) by tagging your geofences. Receive alerts and dashboard data for ingress or egress. We have created geofences for every state and county in the US.

Forms and Data
Customizable forms with running commentary to add context. Help us target your vertical markets!

Alerts and Notifications
Trouble tickets, incident reports, assignable to key personnel with running commentary. Reports on new alerts and assignments. Notifications as emails and text messages.